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(The background of this page is the waves on Lan Chang River, which runs through Yun Nan province)

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I clearly know what my life is all about, such as what car I drive and with whom I hang out;
I also know how other "more successful people" live, such as what car they drive, what house they reside, and with whom they hang out.

Life to me is similar to an ant in a dark tunnel extending upward: I struggle and expect to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, do I have the chance to see the world beyond my eyesight ?

Once a while, I want to do something that scares me. This time, I want to explore the "mysterious" Yun Nan, but I  want to pursue this plateau in a spiritual way. Yun Nan has 26 nationalities (minorities) out of a total of 56 nationalities in all of China. They generally keep their customs very distance and some of them are much less affected by the modern world. So far as I know, no other place on earth has as much diversity in such a small area. This makes it great destination for a brand new experience !

I spent 7 days over there and it was the best time I have ever enjoyed in my recent years. Friendly people, beautiful landscape and the cultural legacies have all inspired me to realize one simple thing: When you look into the mirror, you merely see your reflection in the world as you know; However when you travel to visit those sensational wonders at the other corners of the earth, you would understand how splendid the world beyond your eyesight has been !

Spring 1999

My friends, come to see some pieces of the Memories forever Captured