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My Photographic Works

The world we see is the world bent by our sights and souls; The world I see is the world from which I attempt to explore some "hidden" meaningfulness. So far, I've been discovering it through the lens thus I remember where I have been ......

Floating market (Thailand)
Fishing boats coming home (Pattaya, Thailand)
Racing (Xing-Jiang, China)
A lonely tree in the desert (DungHuang, China)
Sunset by the Yellow Sea (QingDao, China)
The doors to the past ? (Summer Palace, Beijing)
In the mist of the drizzle (Summer Palace, Beijing)
Old Church (Lunenberg, Canada)
The music of the night (Barcelona, Spain)
Candles-lit souls (Mt. Montserrat, Spain)
After the rain (Provence, France)
Street Corner (Nice, France)
A boat on sea (Antibe, France)
  • Tree and Red leaves (Bear Mountain, NY

    t-lancang.jpg (2138 bytes)
  • A River running through (Lan Chang river of Yun Nan, China)

    t-dorolo1.jpg (1864 bytes)
  • The chapel at Old Mission Dolores (San Francisco)
  • t-goldgt.jpg (2138 bytes)
  • Golden Gate Bridge under the clouds

    fifthave-t.jpg (1859 bytes)
  • 5th Ave NYC in a late winter afternoon

    t-canyon.jpg (2039 bytes)
  • Great Canyon of Quebec

    t-westlake.jpg (2060 bytes)
  • Sunset-embraced West Lake (Hang Zhuo, China)

    t-yosemite.jpg (2042 bytes)
  • El Comptain in the fog (Yosemite, CA)

    t-yosemit2.jpg (2503 bytes)
  • Red Wood & White Snow (Yosemite, CA)

    t-Niagara1.jpg (1878 bytes)
  • Niagara Fall in autumn

    t-Niagara2.jpg (2342 bytes)
  • White water & Red leaves (Niagara Fall, NY)

    t-breakers.jpg (1985 bytes)
  • The Old Glory never dies. ("Breakers" of Newport, RI)

    t-boat_sea.jpg (1262 bytes)
  • A boat on the Sea (Cape Cod, MA)

    t-redFlower.jpg (2160 bytes)
  • Blossom in the milky fog (morning at San Francisco)

    t-corona.jpg (1433 bytes)
  • Crown of the Sunset (at San Francisco)


    t-fishing.jpg (1713 bytes)
  • Solitude & Fishing men (Early Spring at Cornell Univ. Ithca, NY)

    t-gigi1.jpg (2648 bytes)
  • Dog Gigi (she is so cute !)