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Sunday Morning Live

Boys and Girls:

William's Sat. Morning Live will discontinue as the tax season is going away, thus I am taking his job now.

As some of you know, I am quite suffering from the graduate courses in Columbia U. : I have few weekend to relax; I am concerned with my projects most of the time; I just spent this passed Saturday working on my project thru midnight... My life is revolving around it, and I think it ruined my plans for my life.

However, these days I started to realize it is worthy suffering. For the first time since I started working 2 years ago, I feel I am doing something for myself. So far job promotion and salary increase have not given me pleasure lasting more than 5 minutes.

I had a hard time on my job locating my goal : Looking for more money? No. My 40% salary increase from my first job doesn't bring me 40% more pleasure. However now I found a goal while working on this Master Degree. Though it is 3 years away; it has little impact on my job advance; and it is very difficult for me, I see there is something rewarding for me.

This degree is about the respect from others; it is about self-value and self-satisfaction. If I get this degree in the future, it will be the best reward for myself.

Strangely enough, this is exactly what I felt in City College. Back then, my goal is to be a top student and work for a top company. I achieved it, but then I could not find a new goal after it. Now I notice something that I have lost but is rediscovered through this degree.

Through my suffering, I found pleasure. My new mission, here I go !

But, folks : Where do you see your pleasure ???

Yifan Wang