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Chapter 6: From 1995  thru. 2003.... Climbing the career ladder & living single

So I started to work for Bellcore after I moved to NJ. For the first time in my life, I got a car and was living by myself in an one-bedroom apt.
I left Bellcore in 1996 then started to work for AT&T while pursuing a Master degree at Columbia University. In 1998, I finally received my degree. (see when a pig graduates)
In 1999, I left AT&T after 3 years of service and joined Lucent Technologies NetCare division. Then I worked for Cisco System in NJ until 4/2001. Currently I am working in NYC.

It's been 6 years since I started to work. Surely a lot of things happened to me and I have traveled around quite a lot.
Sometimes I was up, and sometimes I was down; Sometimes I feel life is so good me, but sometimes I feel it's never fair. Nevertheless, I can tell I am growing up and I still try to be a "better person". 

chapter 7: since 2003: married then with kid


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