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Chapter 1: My 18 years of golden age in Shanghai, China...xiang-bw.jpg (5512 bytes)

On July 21, 1971, a cute boy was born in Shanghai, China. He got a name name.gif (1520 bytes)hoping for good luck for his life, then he started to grow up in a Spanish-style old house in Shanghai.

At age 18, I graduated from high school, then got admitted by a good university in Shanghai. I thought I would continue my life like that, just like all my other classmates. And I was going to enjoy the famous college "Dorm. Life" that I had longed for. But after a casual trip to the US Consulate in Shanghai, I received a F-1 Visa to U.S. I was so surprised. I said to myself as I was running out of the office: "Am I really going to America?!"

Chapter 2: Farewell, my life in Shanghai!

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