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When I was a fresh-woman, all I wanted was a guy with big muscles.
So I dated a muscular guy. He was as strong as Terminator 2, but he beat up any other guy who would 
stare at me. I was afraid he would hit me too. So I dumped him when he was in jail.
So I decided to date a romantic guy.
He was so sweet : he sent me flowers every Fri. to my office just to ask me out; one time he packed 
himself into a box as my birthday gift..... But he was also romantic to other girls....... until I found out in 
a florist he order 5 dozens roses each Fri. ....... it was too late...... he already dumped me. :(
So I decided to date a stable guy.
He was a "good" man. He had a Ph.D from MIT, and he was a Christian. But all he talked with me was 
M/M/1 Queuing theory. I had to dump him  because when one day I said I was going to Banana 
Republic, he said "you don't need to go to Manhattan to buy bananas. There's a Korean grocery store 
across the street." 
So I decided to date an interesting guy.
He was so funny. He was like "George" in TV Steinfield. He made me laugh all time. But later, I 
couldn't laugh any more. He didn't have a job, nor did he plan to find one. All he did was playing 
MaJiang and 80 Feng. I dumped him.
Until today I met a bunch of new guys : Paul Ho, William Wang, Chen, Louie Paul and Mike Sun. 
They're all muscular, romantic, stable and interesting. 
Don't forget to consider Yifan Wang as well. He's cute too :-)
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When I was in Jr.. high, all I wanted was a girl with big boobs.
In high school, I dated a girl with big boobs, but there was no
So I decided I needed a passionate girl.
In college, I dated a passionate girl, but she was too
emotional. Everything was an emergency, she cried all the
time. So I decided I needed a girl with some stability.
I found a very stable girl, but she was boring. She never got
excited about anything. So I decided I needed a girl with
some excitement.
I found an exciting girl, but I couldn't keep up with her. She
rushed from one thing to another, never settling on anything.
She was directionless.
So I decided to find a girl with some ambition.
After college, I found an ambitious girl and married her. She
was so ambitious, she divorced me and took everything I
Now all I want is a girl with big boobs.