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When I was young, just like every other young girl, I want to meet a man
who has everything ... good-looking, muscular, intelligent, rich, caring,
knowledgeable, artistic, sensitive, independent, interesting, romantic,
As I grow older, I met a good-looking man.  He asked me "why Kevin
Costner dances with the wolves?"  
Then I met a muscular man, he spent 2 hours in the gym every day and
when he was not in the gym, he would take me to GNC.  When we were
walking on the street, he wanted me touch his muscle and asked me
"why Superman wears his underwear outsider?"  
Then I met an artistic man, he showed me his painting and wrote me little
poems.  He complained that Matise is showing off and Frost is nothing. 
He wanted me to sit there, watching him make smoking rings and
listening to his "this is the end of the world".
Later I met a rich man, he took me to the best restaurants in town and
bought me Tiffiney's.  He took me in his Porche and race 120 mph without
noticing my face is pale.
Then I met a interesting man, he explained to me every page of the
National Geographic.  In the end he said it is better to look at pictures than
see them in person and  I have to take him to McDonald's.
And later on, I met a whole bunch of others...and I am still by myself. 
Wait, who is this Yifan Wang...did he say he is cute... hmm, I haven't met
that type yet....