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Women and Men of my age

In my opinion, women of my age (mid 20's) stop fantasizing about "perfect guys". In other words, they are less idealistic, instead more realistic about men whom they will spend life with. They believe if they don't settle down before 28 or so, they might end up with an unfavored position...

It may be a good news for guys because guys now have easier time to get close to women. Girls are more practical, so it is less frustrating to hook up with a girl he likes. However, it might become a new dilemma:
Most guys of my age (mid 20's) are not as ready as women are for long term relationship + commitment. He seems reluctant or slow when asked to make commitment, if he plans to get married after 30. Thus the girl gets frustrated. She may blame him of not being serious, but he may be uncomfortable of being controlled.

I think some men believe they can only keep their momentum if single, or marriage in a sense may tie him up. I don't think it is selfishness, but fear of losing ambition of a male figure.

In engineering term, it is called un-synchronized. But in real life, what do you think ?

From : Yifan Wang