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Red Rose & White Rose

Boys and Girls:

It is early Sun. morning 2 am. I spent the whole Sat. in office working on my Java project for school until 11 pm. I am exhausted, but still have read all emails. While I was playing the game William sent us called "Meaning" in which the button moves to the opposite direction as you try to capture it with the cursor, suddenly, it reminded me of a HK movie that most of us may have seen: " Red Rose & White Rose " featuring Jone Chen and Yu-Qing Yip.

A few months ago, I found the original fiction written by Zhang Ai-Lin on a Chinese web site. At the very beginning it says:

" Perhaps for every man, there are at least two women in his life. One is his Red Rose, and one is his White Rose; One is his passionate lover, and one is his royal wife. If married Red Rose, over the time she becomes a spot of Mosquito blood on the wall , and the White Rose turns into "pure white moon light"; If married White Rose, she becomes a sticky white rice on the shirt, and the Red Rose turned into a pigmented mole on the heart... " (my translation)

What a brilliant exposition !

It's the dilemma that most men have/are/will experienced/experiencing/experience in their lives.

Sometimes people are just unable to observe it. As a man marries a woman, it is rarely the case that he regards her as his Perfect companion.
Is there a woman who is good in bedroom+ballroom+kitchen ALL? Therefore the man starts to miss the other Rose (Red or White depending on whom you have failed), and feel miserable about his current life. He can not have two wives, but it probably triggers a lot of affairs lately. Men are always fond of adventures . But nowadays, men have no New Mainland to conquer. So sadly, he is taking the risk of conquering any mysterious and attractive new women whom he bumped into, unless his wife has already conquered him successfully.

It applies to us as "Singles" as well. When we meet a White Rose, we will say:" She is really the one I want to marry ! She is so simple, tender, caring, quiet and faithful...But she is not so ....."
On the other hand, for Red Rose, we will say:"She is so wild, attractive, passionate, mysterious, sophisticated,...., But she won't fit the role as my wife..."

What a life !!! ................. What do you THINK ???

Yifan Wang