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Shanghai Fever

(part one)

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1. Going Home:

The last time for me to visit China was in 1994, four year from this 2-week of Spring vacation in Shanghai. So this time, I got on the trip, but without as much excitement and passion as last time. I just wanted to relax myself, in my hometown where I have spent 18 years of golden age.


2. The New Skyline of Shanghai:

I arrived in Shanghai in the evening of 5/16 while seeing my parents waving hands at me at the gate. We took a taxi which carried me into this great city of Shanghai.

Basically the whole city is a "Construction site". From any direction I looked out from the window, there are hundreds of high rises building blocking the sunshine. And there are probably another hundred of high rise building being erected because you can smell "dust" wherever you go.

I got sick in the second week and it took me 6 injection shoots to bring my swollen throat back. I guess I am spoiled by NJ suburban air. :-)

I can hardly recognize this city which is now filled with brand new buildings of offices, luxurious apts. and shopping centers. They really changed the appearance of the city. Because they are all modern design (probably some by American architects), they look more elegant than those in Manhattan though some exterior design seem too "flashy" in my opinion.

Overall, they are forming the new rising skylines of this great city of Shanghai, which is becoming even greater.


3. City Life:

a) With money poured from HK, Taiwan and other places, the city is carrying a fancy taste. They are new shopping malls everywhere. I was quite impressed by the newly opened "WestGate Tower" on Nan Jing Xi Rd: there is a nicely designed 10 story shopping mall lead by Isetan Dept. store. Above them are more than 20-story of office space for rent.

Another cool dept. store was "Paris Spring" on Huai Hai Road. My cousin used to work on the construction of this the store, and I took a note at those refined Italy-imported marbles at the lobby.

b) A great city can't survive without good fashion. Shanghai now has a great selection of fashion for both boys and girls. Of course, good fashion is not cheap at all: A pair of Levi's 501 is 850 yuans.

Well, young people on the street dress nicely: Locoste T-shirt on the top, a pair of CK jeans and Nike air on the feet, that is the way to go ! Dyed hair is also cool now...

c) There are also lots of cool Western Bars in the city. My friend took me to Shanghai Sally's, which is owned by a British man. I also spent some time in a German Beer House in the same area. It was noisy and filled with people dancing with a Philippine band. It is said that the owner spent 6 millions USD to renovate it. I wonder when he will make this money.


4. Shanghai women:

I always believe that, Shanghai women are the most "attractive" (I don't mean "beautiful"). In other words, they really know how to present the most feminine charm of any woman can ever be; they are born and bred with interesting personalities & graceful behavior.

Shanghai women of today are even more charming ! They have good patience to select a stylish dress in a new shopping mall, very likely on a Big Sale. They pay good attention to their makeup and skin care. Of course, they all have their hair done neatly, and keep everything in the current fashion...

With this kind of talents, no wonder so many men are obsessed with Shanghai women :-)

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