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Feeling Safe

When I was reading the Entertainment News on World Journal today, one article got my attention. It is about the ex-wife of the famous composer Li Zong-Zhen: Ms Zu Wei Yin, who is a radio show hostess now.

She married Li in HK when he was still "an ordinary and feeling-safe guy", then she quit her job as a DJ to become a housewife taking care of 2 kids. Lately, Li was becoming very famous, while she was feeling no self-confident at all without a job, without income merely relying her husband. After their marriage ran into trouble, she was forced to find a job to host a radio show. However, her self-confidence level built up ! Finally, it helped her to decide to sign the divorce paper.

I respect this woman. She walked out of the shadow. On Valentine's Day, she said on the radio:"Now I have nothing. My parents all passed away; I divorced; But I have myself, I am feeling fulfilled with this job ..."

She is still in pain, but she learned a lesson: "A woman can not build up her happiness of her life merely on an "honest, feeling-safe man(husband). She needs her own life, her own career to support herself in rain or shine. In other words, she must be independent"

It doesn't mean she can not trust men, or men are not reliable. However, I adore women like her:
independent, smart and strong.
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