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It seems to be a controversial topic...

From Paul:

While I agree with the notion that women of our age are easier to approach for guys who find them attractive, they may also be more open to possibilities (approaches). Unless she's certain that the man she's dating is going to propose sometime soon, for a practical, smart woman to go-steady(not date others) with one guy, is like putting all her eggs(excuse the pun) in one basket. Because if the guy never proposes, time is wasted.

I think she is almost never 100% sure the man she is dating is going to propose, until he actually does. Although not all women I know would do this, the obvious smart thing for a woman to do is to have more than one possibility, while not rejecting new approaches. To turn a disadvantageous situation into an advantage. For those still in school, this is like a multiple choice question, with more than one correct answer(only one answer is sufficient). Of course some answers are better than others. But any answer is better than no answer(unlike the SAT).

From the guys' POV he is unsure that he wants to get married, as Eric pointed out, he doesn't want to be tied up, afraid to lose his ambitions. I feel this is not as strong a reason as the woman's reason to get hitched. So if he believe the woman he's dating is The One, and he's just procrastinating, then she will easily be able to get him to marry. This is where women's advantage is most effective. Because most guys hate to share...jealousy is a stronger feeling than his aimless pursuit of not wanting to be controlled.

On the other hand, if he never intended to marry her, then he will lose her...but she still has b, c, d, e...

Is this a necessity in this sad and imperfect world, or scandal to stir up ideals and trust which are so necessary in any relationship? What do you think?

From Lin Min:

Here are a woman's opoinon:

Women of our age are easier to be approached by men who find them attractive. I agrees with that. But I totally disagree that is because these women stop "fantasizing the perfect guy", or is because they want to settle down before they reach that magic number of 30. I think they are easier to be approached is because they are much maturer and experienced. When women reach to 25 or 26, they don't need to play hard to get. They are confident of who they are and what they are looking for. If they meet nice guys, they will give them a chance. I feel it is very pathetic that this approachable quality gives men an impression that these women just want to catch men to get married.

It is true that many women want to get married before 30 because they are afraid that they are getting old and nobody will want her, but there is another reason that I don't see you (guys) bring it up. Women have to consider their physical ability to be pregnant and deliver babies (unless you don't want to). Men can wait, but women can't wait forever. Not because they have to get married, but because God create men and women differently.

From Paul:

Interesting, Min.

I suppose the notion of being desperate is a pathetic idea...true or not perhaps depends on the particular situation. I think it's a very good point that women are generally more self assured and confident when she matures. Ergo knowing what she wants. Sadly the reality is time ticks no matter what. And a healthy pregnancy and being physically attractive are both a factors which will be a factor in her decision. Will she settle for the one who is just ok(he'll do)? or will she wait for Mr.right?

Women will widen their scope of possibilities(for those who are often approached), or search(for those who are not approached often). My point is as time goes on, women will be more likely to just settle for the man who's nice to her and a good provider. This is a good portion of the single male population.