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Marketwave Hit List Enterprise/Pro version 3 - Remote Report Creator

To create a report, simply select the options you want then click the OK button at the bottom of the form. To define the report, you may pick from a variety of different time periods, types of reports, grouping/sorting options and more. Your report can include tables or graphs or even both.

  1. Time Period
  2. Types of Reports
  3. Types of Calculations
  4. Output (text or graphics)
  5. Grouping and Sorting
  6. Filters (optional)
  7. Other Options
  8. Run Report

Time Period

If Custom: From To
Note: Enter dates in YYYY-MM-DD format or as number of days relative to today (i.e. 1997-03-15, -3 for 3 days ago, 0 for today, etc.)

Types of Reports

Check all the reports that you want to create.

Standard Reports

Object types
Domains (virtual servers)
Operating systems
HTTP Codes
Application arguments (queries)
Application argument (queries) Parameters
Source (referer) Parameters
Number of visitors (unique IP addresses)
Number of visitors (unique IP/cookie combinations)
Number of new visitors (unique IP addresses)
Number of users (authenticated)
Number of cookies
Entry pages
Exit pages
Previous pages
Path to pages
Jumps within this site
Jumps to other sites
Number of single page visits
Advertising Impressions
Advertising Click-Throughs
Advertising Impressions and Click-Throughs
List of top visitors (site names)
List of top visitors (IP addresses)
List of top new visitors (site names)
List of top new visitors (IP addresses)
List of top single page visits
List of top sources (referrers)
List of top users (authenticated)
List of top cookies


Crosstab by

Types of Calculations

Check all the calculations to you want to see. Crosstabs cannot include more than one calculation.

Avg. requests
Percent of total requests
Avg. visits
Percent of total visits
Avg. time viewed
Avg. delay


Text (HTML page)

Grouping and Sorting

Select an option other than Totals if you want to see information grouped into smaller categories. For example, selecting Day of the Week will show you what happened for each weekday.

Group by
Sort by

Collapses the data as much as possible. Ideal when you want one number as a result, frequently an average.

Consolidate similar times
Combines same days of the week, same days of the month, etc. Use if Summarize is off unless you want a different group for every unique Time Period implied by Group.

You can use various combinations of Summarize and Consolidate to produce very different reports. For example, if you group by Day of the Month and calculate Total Requests:

  1. Turning on Summarize will produce one number, the total number of requests during that period. Grouping and Consolidate are irrelevant.
  2. Turning off Summarize but leaving Consolidate on will produce about 30 groups, one for each day in the month.
  3. Turning off both Summarize and Consolidate will create a group for each individual day in your report. This is most useful for carefully analyzing a short time period.


Include the following objects in the reports
VB/Java Applets

the places/times below. Use commas to separate multiple places/times (logical OR).
User names
Hours (24 hr format)
Days of the week
URL groups
Visitor IP addresses
Visitor site names
Property/Value pairs
Entry Sources
Entry Pages
Ad Groups
Ad Names
HTTP Codes


Default Domain Name (e.g.
Proxy Server Name or IP (e.g. 123.456.789.012, ProxyMachine, etc.)
When listing HTML pages, show
Categorize Advertising Reports by

Substitute group names for URLs
Display site names, not URLs
Lookup site names (reverse DNS lookup)
Use site name and application argument groups if they are defined
Assume URLs are members of no more than one group
Ignore requests from the following Source site (only relevant for List Top Sources reports)
Must begin or end at this URL (only relevant for Previous Pages and Jumps Within this Site reports)

Limit to top URLs
Limit to top directories
Minimum hits per URL to show
Minimum hits per directory to show
Maximum number of graph points

Run Report

Depending on the size of your database and the complexity of the report, the results may not appear on your screen for many minutes. In the meantime, you can switch to other applications and continue to use your computer as you normally would.

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